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Homemade Doggie Treats

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Homemade Doggie Treats

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Homemade Doggie Treats

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Homemade Doggie Treats

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Baking Soda Cancer Cure?

http://marketingmanagement.ws/Doggie-Treats - Baking Soda Cancer Cure?
http://marketingmanagement.ws/Doggie-Treats - Baking Soda Cancer Cure? http://marketingmanagement.ws/Doggie-Treats - Baking Soda Cancer Cure?
http://marketingmanagement.ws/Doggie-Treats - Baking Soda Cancer Cure?

TrutherGirls T-Shirts: http://thetruthergirls.spreads... the cure for cancer be as simple as sipping baking soda and molasses?It took a lot for me to change my views on the curability of cancer, but after looking into this for along time, I realized that many of the alternative treatments worked by alkalizing the body, which facilitates oxygenation. http://www.abovetopsecret.com/... recovers from cancer with baking soda cure: http://phkillscancer.com/Woman... recovers from 'incurable cancer' with ozone and juicing after doctors give up on her: http://curezone.com/forums/fm.... between Ph. oxygenation and cancer. http://www.advancedhealthplan....

Channel: News & Politics
Uploaded: 2014-10-25
Author: thetruthergirls

Length: 08:11     Rating: 4.7     Views: 474,610


Video Comments

EmGBlackout (On 2014-08-03)
Here is a list of known cancer cures/preventative measures:Getting proper sleepAlkaline diet - vegetables/fruits - lemon water every dayApple Cider Vinegar (Braggs)Baking Soda/blackstrap molasses/maple syrupIV Vitamin CMeditation and stress reduction therapyFrequency medicineVit D preferably from the sunOxygen/Ozone therapyHydrogen Peroxide (food grade)Colloidal SilverOrganic Sulfur (activates Glutathione, the most powerful antioxidant in the body)SeleniumEssiac teasCannabis oil (probably the most potent cure on the planet)Crushed Garlic (let it sit for 15 mins then consume)Chlorella/Spirulina/Wheatgrass juicing/supplementationEarthing/Grounding - standing barefoot on the earth to transfer ions. Being couped up in buildings for years, disconnected from nature is not in service to the natural state of humans. Helps release radiation and restore balance. Grounding mats work great too, for sleeping on.Turmeric (spice) - taken with something fatty like yogourt, or even with black pepper to help increase its potency.Vit B17 - Apricot Kernels/apple seeds.Black salve for skin cancerOleander Soupfatty type food + Flaxseed oil (Budwig Protocol)Different things work for different people.. See a health professional (Naturopathic doctor) if you have cancer.Join the teaming millions who know the truth about the criminal health system.
ronyan1 (On 2014-10-22)
I'm no expert but my understanding is that cancer originates due to genetic mutations influenced by environmental factors. I'm not sure how baking soda could affect this process.
imu70 (On 2014-10-08)
Dr. Burzynsky's has a cure for cancer you better look for him He is in Taxas He was harrassed by FDA and then steal his formula FDA does not want to cure Cancer otherwise they will money
Ronnie Mead (On 2014-10-14)
Thanks for your great presentation, you are so right it all ties in. 
BritMachine (On 2014-09-18)
The cure for cancer is chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, whatever the doctor prescribes. Don't spread sensationalist bullshit like this.
Adrian Thomson (On 2014-02-12)
No baking soda will not cure cancer. Only someone with zero medical knowledge could think that.
Eric Harper (On 2014-09-26)
in England we call it bicarbonate of soda
Larry Arcinage (On 2014-09-11)
I started this treatment yesterday, will wait & see? My blood is tesres each three months to check my PSA for prostate cancer will keep you informed Larry
Leon Maliniak (On 2014-02-23)
Dear Adrian,When you, and others like you, try to trash this form of OXYGEN therapy using baking soda, with the condescending statement that " only someone with zero medical knowledge could think that " you should instead, and more accurately state that; " only someone with zero knowledge would think that CHEMOTHERAPY could cure cancer "...because all it kills is the patient and their IMMUNE systems.The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, which is the only group whose statistics we can trust, has issued statements saying that between 2007 and 2030 the DEATHS worldwide from cancer are going to INCREASE from 7.5 million per year to 11.5 million. So with our current CHEMOTHERAPY, RADIATION and SURGERY approach, the deaths are INCREASING...not decreasing and we now have more then 7.5 million deaths per year.A COMPLETE FAILURE.So, any ALTERNATIVE form of therapy can NOT do any worse then the existing system and any logical and documented methodology should be properly investigated.If you study this particular field of OXYGEN therapy you will learn that many real DOCTORS have abandoned their chemotherapy practice and pursued various forms of OXYGEN therapy.. Some, like Dr, Simoncini, from Italy, use BAKING SODA, others, like Dr. Robert Rowen, from California, use INTRAVENOUS HYDROGEN PEROXIDE therapy.This is not some "underground" conspiracy theory. It is all based on over 7,000 scientific articles which have been published about the merits of OXYGEN therapy to treat cancer and it is based on the common knowledge that cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen environment.The challenge is the DELIVERY of the oxygen and finding doses which are effective. Sadly, this proper scientific testing will never be done by the mainstream medical community because there is absolutely no money in it...obviously.Therefore it is up to us in the general public to try to organize and FUND initiatives to test this OXYGEN therapy ourselves, which is WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO.The testing must be according to the standard scientific model so that the results will be credible to the mainstream medical community/. The problem is NOT the doctors; they would love to use anything which is effective and doesn't kill their patients. The problem is the research community...they have no no interest in this approach because you can't PATENT this simple, unprofitable alternative.
Air Purifiers (On 2014-08-15)
Many people are using the natural detox mineral called Zeolite to remove the toxic heavy metals from their bodies that could be producing bad cells.

Baking Soda Cancer Cure?

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Homemade Doggie Treats

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