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Vasectomy Reversal


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Importance of Testicle Massage, Phallus Love and Sperm Power w/ Makeda Voletta aka Queen Lionesss

http://marketingmanagement.ws/Vasectomy-Reversal - Importance of Testicle Massage, Phallus Love and Sperm Power w/ Makeda Voletta aka Queen Lionesss
http://marketingmanagement.ws/Vasectomy-Reversal - Importance of Testicle Massage, Phallus Love and Sperm Power w/ Makeda Voletta aka Queen Lionesss http://marketingmanagement.ws/Vasectomy-Reversal - Importance of Testicle Massage, Phallus Love and Sperm Power w/ Makeda Voletta aka Queen Lionesss
http://marketingmanagement.ws/Vasectomy-Reversal - Importance of Testicle Massage, Phallus Love and Sperm Power w/ Makeda Voletta aka Queen Lionesss

This is a brief video for the men. I also recommend checking out my 3 series video here on youtube entitled "Kundalini Strength Training for Men" (Parts 1-3). And I will include more info on my blogpost version of this video. I will have a blogpost up in the next couple of days where I list some of the herbs and foods that are superb for men's sexual health. I do not give too much away in this video because I save the info for my Men's classes and one on one work. If you would like more info on my classes please email me directly at: Sekhmet@QueenLionesss.comAlso, check out my blog: www.TheBodyscientist.Blogspot.comAnd my Twitter: Queen_Makeda and BodyScientistAnd please join my Youtube pages: TheBodyScientist81 and this one TheQueenLionesssAnd on Facebook: Makeda Voletta - The Body ScientistMuch Love!

Channel: Education
Uploaded: 2014-07-12
Author: Makeda Voletta

Length: 18:42     Rating: 4.4     Views: 97,604


Video Comments

DET313 (On 2014-04-26)
Makeda - Good job and you might also discuss the importance of massaging the perineum, either with a vibrator or fingers, and this should be done at the same time as massaging the testicles. I have been practicing and perfecting tantric methods of delaying ejaculation and recirculation chi since my mid 40s and I am now almost 60. I can regularly make my wife orgasm 3 times in a "session", sometimes more. I bet I could do the same for you and most women. It mainly comes down to mental concentration and control of breathing and the PC muscles. 
DET313 (On 2014-04-26)
Terrific presentation and I would love to see your videos etc on kundalini, prostate massage etc
geFF soLO (On 2013-12-22)
okay what you give a great speech about it but you never showed how to do it.I was expecting to see an instructional video on how to do both of these things but you never showed anything. I got this was the whole reason for this videos what is instructional on how to
asssface2000 (On 2014-06-02)
my penis is 8" and fat, i worry that it isnt big enough
Keepskatin (On 2013-12-25)
Men have problems maintaining erections?I have problems avoiding erections,even at work,it's embarrassing,i can't control myself,when I see some hotness or co worker with big tits.Give me Kush,then it's worse,I turn into Quagmire.
Byron Silva (On 2014-06-13)
all good but red meat not in the U.S
Lee Arnold Montoya (On 2014-01-10)
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge I need to hear what you have to say and look forward to your posts.
AK84078 (On 2014-04-11)
Same here i have a hard time having erect schlong all the time. And also i think this video focused on that a man "should make a woman orgasm at least 2 times" as she says. As if its all about the woman. Well in my opinion a woman shouldnt complain and feel tired then when i make her orgasm 3 times and i still want more sex or if i wanna get sucked for a long time. I agree to some of the things in this video but i dont agree to some other things. Let me guess you had a bad relationship with a guy once in ur life and u feel that everything should be about women. Thats not how the world works
geFF soLO (On 2014-01-04)
dear you wrote your return comment to the wrong person. my time it was about you not airing through with the whole lessen . I wanted to see a more hands on approach to your message. not just talked about it."
benjaminjo (On 2014-05-08)
I have to say sister......I appreciate the effort in speaking on men sexual health, however......to the uninformed, your information is DIS-information.I'd say, maybe 20% was accurate such as, "strength training, liftingweights, avoiding alcohol especially beer"......but suggesting the consumption of animal testicles for testosterone?It sounds logical, but in reality, it doesn't work that way.That's like saying I'll eat the heart of a healthy cow to rid of heart disease......or the brains of a dolphin to gain IQ points.Thus, eating ANY animals testicles, is not only 'sick' in nature, but hasno practical or actual effects beyond the THOUGHT it boost testosterone.Also......eating meat is NOT linked to testosterone. As a strength trainer myself, eliminating meat while consuming moreREAL foods (fruits, veggies, wheat grass, nuts, seeds) improved myquality of life and gave me more stamina in the gym.Meat is heavy on the body's digestive system, and whatever you consume,you become.Ever noticed the nature of a man who consumes a lot of meat?Just ask the White Male.You *become* what you eat. When consuming dead carcass you are atthe same time, consuming it's negatively charged energies. Even if organic, it was a happier cow at slaughter, but your BODY works100x harder to process and digest any meat. Thus, it makes it no better.Milk (cow puss) is also a major problem. Cow milk is meant for it's young calves. Not human consumption. Lactose Intolerance isn't an accident.It causes chronic gas and constipation. Just because I consume less ofit doesn't make it less harmful. Even in small amounts I suffered.I could go on and on, but the reason I write this is not to put you down my beautiful black sister, but...when you're getting this many views andI know many men are being influenced by erroneous advice, perhaps theywill think twice before acting on most of the information you giving aboutmens sexual health.As a man, I know it's not accurate. Yet, there are women who DO knowjust as there are men who KNOW a womans body, sometimes better thana man!In your case, you must do far, far more researching and studies on themale side of things before jumping into this water.

Importance Of Testicle Massage, Phallus Love And Sperm Power W/ Makeda Voletta Aka Queen Lionesss

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Vasectomy Reversal

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